As the sales consultants at Serica Medical Supplies are equivocally practising healthcare practitioners, we strive to ensure that our products are high in quality, yet competitive in the Australian market. Our products meet the requirements of the TGA to maintain a standardised level of quality in our product range. Essentially, at Serica Medical Supplies, we will not stock any products, which our sales consultants will not use in their own clinical practice as a healthcare practitioner. Therefore our products are consistently time-tested and trialled by our staff for their superior quality, efficacy, practicality, and safety in a clinical environment.

We are happy to provide samples of our products wherever possible for your perusal!

If there is a specific product that we do not currently stock or you are an interested international healthcare practitioner, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.



Herb Granules

As the exclusive distributor of Phytomedica 5:1 individual herbal extracts; in collaboration with their manufacturing partner; Dasherb Pty Ltd, all individual granules are meticulously sourced, tested, and manufactured according to GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and German PICS/GMP to stringent quality control parameters.


Punk Moxa: Two grades of moxa punk is available.

Stick Moxa

Smoking: traditional stick moxa derived from gold punk moxa

Non-smoking: effective non-smoking stick moxa for the convenience in a clinical environment whereby traditional moxa is limited

Smoking (tiger warmer refills): replacement sticks for tiger warmer with traditional packed punk

Non-smoking (tiger warmer refills): replacement sticks for tiger warmer derived from non-smoking packed punk

Glass Cups

Available in five different sizes with a smooth edge to ensure patient comfort; thus ideal for stationary, slide, and flash cupping techniques

Clinical Equipment

A range of general clinic equipment is also available; tongs, tweezers, disposal bedding, blood lancets, jade rollers, tiger warmers, guasha tools, granule dispensing bottles, press tacks, ear seeds, and granule dispensing spoons are available just to name a few. Please feel free to contact us for further particulars!

Academic Resources

product_AcademicIn conjunction with some authors and publishers in the complementary healthcare profession we have been offered the opportunity to stock some books and literature material. Please feel free to contact us for further particulars!