Preserving Traditions Amid the Modernisation of TCM

Preserving Traditions Amid the Modernisation of TCM

Since its founding in 1946 by Dr Hong-Yen Hsu, Sun Ten has become globally renowned for modernizing the herbal process using technology. Despite these scientific advancements in the Chinese medicine industry, Sun Ten remains committed to the traditional practice of Chinese medicine. Here are some ways they incorporate traditional practices into their modern processes:

Sourcing & Harvesting

Sun Ten sources raw herbs from geographical locations specific to individual herbs with particular attention to the weather, temperature and soil quality at these cultivation sites. Sun Ten also deliberately harvests during specific seasons. For example, root materials such as Dan Shen and Tian Ma are harvested in early spring before flowers bud so that active constituents are concentrated in the root part of the plant. Sun Ten also harvests at ideal stages of growth. For example, Jin Yin Hua is harvested as a flower bud, Ju Hua upon blooming, and Hong Hua when the flower turns from yellow to red. Attention to sourcing and harvesting according to the Pharmacopeia ensures that the efficacy of formulas is maintained.

Water Extraction
Sun Ten follows historical formulas by only using water-based decoction methods for the entire manufacturing process, as water is a neutral solvent that does not alter the medicinal actions of the herbs.

Decoction Sequence
Sun Ten follows the established sequence of decoction appropriate to each formulation so that chemistries change will not impact efficacy. For example, Da Huang added before other herbs in Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang will harmonise the Stomach, added at the same time as other herbs in Xiao Cheng Qi Tang will purge slowly, while added after other herbs in Da Cheng Qi Tang will purge quickly. 

Sun Ten's manufacturing of traditional Chinese herbal medicine formulas and ingredients follows a protocol that combines modern pharmaceutical science with traditional herbal knowledge to ensure product safety, consistency and efficacy - true to traditional Chinese herbology. For more information on Sun Ten's processes, visit Sun Ten Laboratories or Sun Ten Global.

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