RespireAid: Chinese Herbal Supplement and COVID-19

What is RespireAid?

RespireAid or Chingguan Yihau (NRICM101) is a novel traditional Chinese medicine formula developed by the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM) in 2020 to assist in the recovery of COVID-19 symptoms. The herbal constituents have been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to clear lung-heat, remove Heat toxin, diffuse the lungs, soothe the chest and dispel Phlegm. 

Is RespireAid effective against mutations such as the delta variation? 

"The latest research shows that RespireAid is not only effective against the original Wuhan strain but also very effective against the beta and delta variants." [PTS Taiwan

Where has RespireAid been used?

RespireAid has been administered to patients in Taiwan's Tri-Service General Hospital since April 2020. It has been since exported as a medicine and herbal supplement globally, including to Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. 

How do we know RespireAid works? 

In addition to empirical evidence from those who have used RespireAid attesting to its effectiveness, research articles have been published on clinical outcomes and pharmacology of the formula and active constituents, including:

Identification of existing pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines as inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 infection (Feb 2021)
"Among the active herbal medicines, three extracts—RF3, P. frutescens, and M. haplocalyx—were also selected for further evaluation since RF3 exhibited a significant antiinfective/cytotoxic selectivity, and P. frutescens and M. haplocalyx were major active gradients in RespireAid TM (NRICM101). "

A traditional Chinese medicine formula NRICM101 to target COVID-19 through multiple pathways: A bedside-to-bench study (Jan 2021)
"This bedside-to-bench study suggests that NRICM101 may disrupt disease progression through its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, offering promise as a multi-target agent for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19." 
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