Our Philosophy

At Serica Medical Supplies, we are a team of qualified allied and complementary health care practitioners, each possessing a working knowledge of the requirements and operations of a healthcare environment whilst maintaining up-to-date professional knowledge.

We strive to ensure that our products are premium and safe in quality yet competitive in the Australian market. All of our products are Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) compliant to ensure a standardised level of quality. We will not stock any products we ourselves will not use in our own clinical practice.

Be assured of our commitment to quality, safety and supplying your clinical needs.

Quality Assurance

Our products have been trialled for their superior quality, efficacy, practicality, and safety in a clinical environment. We are happy to provide samples of our products wherever possible.


Environmentally Conscious

Serica is committed to minimising waste and utilising recyclable packaging wherever possible to support environmental sustainability.