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Immunosync: Immune Defence

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- Supports immune system health
- Improves immune defence
- Supports a healthy immune system function
- Supports the immune system to fight illness
- Helps stimulate a healthy immune system response
- Decrease symptoms of common colds and flu
- Supports lung health

Pack size: 60 uncoated tablets
Directions for use: Take 1 tablet daily or as directed by your healthcare professional
Storage: Keep below 25ºC in a cool and dry place
Warnings: Propolis may cause allergic reactions. If irritation or swelling of the mouth or throat occurs, discontinue use

More information available on the Synogenx website. 


Importance for Immune Function

Lysine hydrochloride 500mg

Equivalent: Lysine 400mg

A cationic amino acid essential for humoral and cell-mediated immune responses, contributing to acute and chronic augmented wound healing.[i] [ii]

Ascorbic acid 200mg
(Vitamin C)

An antioxidant micronutrient that with immunostimulatory effects that helps in collagen formation to maintain healthy bones, cartilage and blood vessels.[iii] [iv] [v] [vi]

Isatis tinctoria root dry extract 100mg

Equivalent: Isatis tinctoria (Dry) 500mg

A plant containing alkaloids including indirubin and phenolic compounds with antiviral, antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.[vii] [viii] [ix]

Propolis dry extract 100mg

Equivalent: Propolis 500mg


A resinous honeybee product containing flavonoids and phenolic acids which have immunomodulatory, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.[x] [xi] [xii]

Zinc amino acid chelate 25mg

Equivalent: Zinc 5mg

A trace element essential to prevent oxidative damage in cells and synthesize collagen for wound healing.[xiii] [xiv] [xv] Has a significant role in innate and adaptive immunity.[xvi] [xvii] [xviii]