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English Webinar: Dr Hung-Rong Yen on Children Care with TCM – Asthma 

Date & Time: Saturday, April 8th 11am – 1pm AEST (2hrs)

This is the first class of a series of children care focusing on asthma and includes the following learning objectives:
• participants will improve diagnostic methods in paediatric asthma
• participants will advance treatment strategies in paediatric asthma
• participants will enhance administrating dosage for paediatric asthma formulas
• participant will learn the speaker's clinical experience through case discussions

This is a paid event. Registration closes April 7 here:

可能是 1 人和顯示的文字是「 Children Care with Traditional Chinese Medicine Asthma Friday, April 6PM-8PM (LA, US, GMT-8) SUN SUEN TEN C美國方醫美研究所 ORIENTAL ARTS NSTITUTE In this lecture, participants will: Improve diagnostic methods pediatric asthma pediatric asthma administrating dosage pediatric asthma formulas experience through discussions Presenting Live from Taiwan: Hung- Rong Yen China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan Location: Online Zoom Webinar Language: English Credits: California: CEUs; NCCAOM: PDAs To participate this informative Code contact 2023 Children with Traditional Chinese Medicine Series Total April7 US August6 Lectures registe Dr. Yen US, GMT-8 Skin isorder (on-site+online) early possible reserve limited SCAN TO REGISTER THIS LECTURE 」的圖像

The series will continue in: 

June: Children Care with TCM – Rhinitis Disorder (2hrs)

Date & Time: 9 am – 11 am, Saturday, June 3rd, Taiwan time (11 am – 1 pm, Sydney time)

August: Children Care with TCM – Skin Disorder (4hrs)

Date & Time: 1 pm – 5 pm, Sunday, August 6th, Pacific time (6 am – 10 am, Monday, August 7th, Sydney time)


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