About the Speaker

Nigel is an internationally renowned teacher and author who has been practicing East Asian Medicine for over 35 years. Based in New York for the past 25 years, he runs a private practice in Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Kampo (Sino-Japanese Herbal Medicine).

Nigel is well-known nationally and internationally for his work on Fukushin -abdominal diagnosis and application in clinical practice – and has just finished a book on the subject: Fukushin and Kampo, Singing Dragon, 2020. He is widely published in peer-reviewed journals in the field and is author of 3 other books, including a translation (along with his esteemed colleague Gretchen De Soriano) of the modern Japanese classic: Kampo: A Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice , Churchill Livingstone, 2010.

He is founder and director of the NYC Kampo Institute offering seminars and programs in Traditional Japanese Medicine at the postgraduate level, both nationally and internationally and has been on faculty with several accredited colleges of East Asian Medicine in New York, London and Israel. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Webinar Outline:

  • Fuku Shin - Abdominal Palpation & Presentations From The Discussion of Cold Damage Sho Kan Ron (Shang Han Lun)
  • The relevance of Fukushin in modern practice
  • Otsuka’s abdominal conformations
  • Demonstration of abdominal palpation technique
  • Case study example with interpretation

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