The Serica Difference

Exclusive Supply to Practitioners

At Serica, we are exclusively for practitioners. Our practitioner-only range can only be accessed through registered practitioners. Clinics dispensing our herbal products are listed to the public on our website.

Transparent and Consistent Pricing

Serica has consistent pricing on all our products and transparency in supply costs.

Practitioner Support Program

Practitioner Support Line

Complimentary technical advice and telephone support to all clients. Monday – Friday, 10:00AM – 3:00PM P: 0459 244 222   E:

Distribution Service

Discounts on wholesale prices as per Sun Ten Distribution Discount. Packaging and TGA compliant labels supplied where possible.

 Dispensary Service

Complimentary prescription reviews and TGA compliant packaging with labels for every order submitted through the dispensary.

Education and CPD

Product information sheets and batch testing analysis reports available on request. More information about upcoming training opportunities and seminars on our events page.

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